Sunday, April 19, 2015

Peek at My Week - April 20, 2015

Well Earth Day is this week, so I've been trying to focus on Earth Science the last few weeks.  Yesterday I posted about my latest unit on Soil.  I plan to work through it this week with a focus on Earth Day.  

Below you can see my visual plans for the week. 
If you want clickable links to all the products in my plans, just click on the plans to download them as a PDF.  Then you can click on the links to go to each product.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

SOIL - a Primary Science Unit

Phew!  It's finally done.
I'm totally excited to show you my latest unit.
It's part two of my three part Science pack on Air, Water, and Soil.

You can pick up SOIL, HERE.

You can pick up WATER, HERE.

and AIR will be in my store soon.

I'm totally excited to share with you my latest unit. This is part of my 3 unit set of properties of AIR, WATER and SOIL. This is a comprehensive Science unit on Soil aimed at Grade 2 students but also good for Grades 1 to 3.

This unit is designed to teach 
-properties of soil
-how and why soil is important to people
-nonfiction reading skills

This unit includes
-word wall words
-language arts lessons
-levelled reading passages
-comprehension questions and answer key
-levelled guided reading books
-class big book activity
-4 science experiment activities
-full color photo cards for sorting and classifying activities

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Five For Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Friday everyone. So I got organized this week - yay! and I'm joining in with everyone over at  Doodle Bugs Teaching. for the Five for Friday linky.

Today is my son's 9th Birthday.  He is totally excited.  Tonight we are taking his friends out to the movies to see the movie HOME.  Today he woke up to his birthday gift from us of a series of Percy Jackson books.  He is an avid reader and just loves Percy Jackson books.  Thankfully my husband is just as interested in fantasy novels and he found these books for my son.

I think though, what he's really happy about is that he no longer requires a booster seat in the car.  Last night when we got out of my car, he grabbed his booster seat and said, "looks like we won't be needing this any more."   And took the seat with him.  

And that shirt he's wearing has the number 9 on it.  We found it last week.  He's been waiting all week to wear it to school today.

Back to my school life now.
This week we are continuing to work on addition with regrouping.  I like to use dimes and pennies.  This makes it highly motivating for the kids.  I use real money mostly too.  It's work loosing a few cents to eager hands if it motivates them to learn.

On Wednesday my school had a great fundraiser called BREAK THE RULES day.
Here's how it worked.  
The student council - with guidance from the teachers - came up with a list of 11 rules they could buy.  Any rule they paid $1 for, meant that they could break that rule.  There was a bonus price of $10 for all 11 rules.  The rules were ones like chewing gum in class, or eating in class, using a device and bringing toys.  Nothing that would affect safety like running inside.

The photo below is one of a stuffie that one my girls brought to school.  

I can't wait to try this again next year.  We raised a lot of money and the kids totally enjoyed themselves.  They were very excited leading up to the day, and quite honestly, the teachers found it to be the easiest day for us.  The kids were respectful.  We started a gum wall in front of the office, and the kids totally enjoyed going to stick their used gum on the board when they were done, and letting the kids use devices in centres time meant that it was the quietest period of the day.  (Kind of sad if you really think about it, but a nice break for one day)

We are learning about water, air, and soil.
  to check out my WATER unit.

The soil unit will be up and posted this weekend.

And AIR will be available after that.

This week we had a visit from The City Gardener who helped the kids plant vegetables for our school garden.  The kids will be growing seedlings under a special growing light for 6 weeks and then we will plant them outside in the school garden.  Here's a look at the kids' pots under the light.

This is a photo of my sample.  We are making these soil composition displays today in my classroom.  The kids will be adding their own pictures to show what exactly soil is made up of.   Detailed instructions are included in my SOIL unit which I plan to get up in my store this weekend. 

That's it for now.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Peek at My Week #3

So this week we will be using my latest product.  I have just finished a Science / ELA unit on WATER.  I am currently finishing up one on SOIL, and hope to have the one on AIR done by next week.  These are units that I have been using for years and I am just pretty'ing them up for TPT.  I included some levelled readers and some levelled reading passages too.  There are writing activities and also some Science experiments.  There are lots of visual aids like word wall cards and photo cards.


if you want to check out your own copy.
Here's a preview of what's included.

And here's a peek at my week.  Remember if you want to get a copy of my plans with clickable links, just click on the images to download your own copy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Welcome Spring - a free poetry and art activity

So I had all the extra paper plates and decided to try a Spring Wreath with a poem inside.  I came up with this cute Spring Poetry lesson  and it's FREE

to get your own copy.

Here's my attempt at Photoshopping a few photos together to show of my bulletin board.  I know it's a bit amateur, but you get the idea right?

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Peek At My Week Part 2

Here's my second try at visual plans.
Click on the pictures to download the plans and get links to all the products I use.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Peep Into My TPT Store.

A huge bunch of us sellers at TPT are throwing a sale.
It's an unofficial sale, so you won't have to use a code when you checkout.  I'm taking 20% off of everything.  

to check out my store and see all the sale products.

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