Sunday, May 24, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

New York, New York

I am sorry that I have not posted in a while.
My own Mother gave me the best gift for Mother's Day - a whirlwind trip to New York City.
She also brought along my Sister-in-Law.

We had a ton of fun, saw a lot of famous places, tasted some excellent food, saw a couple of wonderful Broadway plays, did some shopping, and a LOT of walking.  I have some huge blisters and they were well worth it.

We sat down that first afternoon when we finally got into our hotel and realized that in 4 hours we had been through Times Square, seen Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Centre, Sak's Fifth Avenue, checked out the New York City Library, and had a drink on the patio of Bryant Park.  And that was just the start to our trip.

My SIL checked out the local restaurant scene beforehand and made sure we had reservations at a wide variety of places.  We had pasta at a traditional New York Pizzeria, a quiet dinner in a brownstone in Chelsea, a chic mid-town meal at an uber-trendy bar, lunch in a building where Washington made some famous speech during the Revolutionary War, midnight drinks on the patio on the 54th floor of our hotel over Times Square, lunch in Central Park and brunch on an ironic rooftoop in Greenwich Village full of hipsters where the door was unmarked and you had to be on the guest list to get a ride up the antique elevator to the roof,

Trust me -I am not trendy and every time I see a man with a bow-tie, skinny jeans and a humongous beard I have to stifle a laugh.

I'm back home today, and had a fantastic day playing with my kids.  It's been really sunny and the kids even put on their bathing suits and had a water gun fight.

And back to work tomorrow a week after I left.

Here are some photo highlights of my 4 days in  the Big Apple.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
I'm enjoying the big apple

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Bundle is HERE!!!!

I got it done - whew!  It was a huge process, but the entire packet is now done.
Introducing the bundle of my three Earth Science Units
Air, Water, and Soil


to check out the Bundle.

Three Huge packs in one bundle. Almost 100 pages in each unit.

Each unit is designed to teach 
-properties of air/water/or soil
-how and why it is important to people
-how people can conserve air/water/ or soil.
-nonfiction reading skills

Each unit includes
-a set of word wall words
-language arts lessons
-levelled reading passages
-comprehension questions and answer key
-levelled guided reading books
-class big book activity
-poetry lesson
-4 science experiment activities
- color and black and white posters
-full color photo cards for sorting and classifying activities

Check it out.

You can also buy each unit separately.

to check out AIR

to check out WATER

to check out SOIL

Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's Finally Here

It's here finally.  The third unit in my Air, Water, and Soil set.
Check my store this weekend for the discounted bundle. 
It's just going to take me a few days to set that up!

Check out the photo below for details of what's in this unit
to get your own copy.

you can pick up 


Air, air, air
I'm totally excited to share with you my latest unit. This is part of my 3 unit set of properties of AIR, WATER and SOIL. This is a comprehensive Science unit on Air aimed at Grade 2 students but also good for Grades 1 to 3.

This unit is designed to teach 
-properties of air
-how and why air is important to people
-nonfiction reading skills

This unit includes
-word wall words
-language arts lessons
-levelled reading passages
-comprehension questions and answer key
-levelled guided reading books
-class big book activity
-4 science experiment activities
-full color photo cards for sorting and classifying activities

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Monday, May 4, 2015

BIG SALE = sitewide at TPT

Starting today, May 5th ,there is a 2 day sale over at Teachers Pay Teachers

and head over to my store to check out the deals.

Remember, my whole store is 20% and TPT is adding another 10% off of that for a total of 28% off.
You need to use the checkout code THANKYOU to get your final 10% off.

Peek at My Week for Mother's Day

Sorry I'm late with this.  I was at Brownie Camp all weekend and just now have had the time to set this post up and link up.   It's time for another Peek at My Week coming up.

Click on the images below to get links to each product.

This week we are focusing on upcoming Mother's Day this weekend.
We will be doing several of the Language Arts activities in my unit

My Mom is my Superhero

for your own copy.

And also we'll be using one of my bestesllers.
It's a cute, flower boquet shaped card

for your own copy.

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